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2009-04-20 18:42:54 by jpara

Yo kids want a great idea to buy games from X-box360, Wii, and more join Prizerebel where you get free offers like $100 food money, or participate in a $500 gas money contest getting u points to get a game FREE. One offer can be 0.5 - 5.0 points and a game (like Gears of War 2 for X-box 360 ) is 36 points. Yay! And for ppl that can't stand to accumulte that many points there are cards for online games (Dragonfable,Nexon,IVMU,etc) and there point's value is 5-27 points. Y u still here reading this post go on this link p?r=1172626

i'm back

2009-02-07 19:57:15 by jpara

after 2 monthes of solitude i'm back and ready to start again

urban rivals

2008-11-06 17:10:08 by jpara

Yes i do play the game ( i recommend it to u) and it's addicting but i need ur help. i need email addresses (i swear to god that i don't send a virus or hack its systems,though i don't know how) . So please give me ur email address, agree to the email sent to you and both of sides are happy.

urban rivals

blaming a flash

2008-11-04 20:37:55 by jpara

As you see i blammed 1 flash while i saved 130 flashes which 3 flashes make the front page(yeah, i helped passed a big hit) So i say why is it hard to blam a flash. Can somebody help me blam more things?

your fav show

2008-10-12 21:50:19 by jpara

what is ur favourite show. Mine is South Park. type it down and i'll rate it if it's good enough


2008-09-22 17:44:56 by jpara

since of school work coming. i guess the talkshow will be named as project LNT(late night talkshow) but i will be voiced in another project. it will come out soon but i'll be updated with the date.


though of idea 4 flash

2008-09-15 17:32:49 by jpara

I finallly know what idea i got 4 my flash. It's a talkshow with some of the nintendo characters, know i need u to get your aim name and what character u can do. Also begging 4 good drawers, and scripts

though of idea 4 flash

Open 4 hiring

2008-09-14 18:16:41 by jpara

I'm thinkin of making a flash so i'll need your ideas and support to do this. And to the people who anwsered my news post, THANX : )

A nice look

2008-09-11 20:20:27 by jpara

I just love it when a girl screws up in gymnastics and shows either her junk upfront or junk downback. or if your really lucky, get a good flash of both

A nice look

School sucks or rocks

2008-09-04 21:29:41 by jpara

I think, does people love school or love it? Well please tell me!!!!