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though of idea 4 flash

2008-09-15 17:32:49 by jpara

I finallly know what idea i got 4 my flash. It's a talkshow with some of the nintendo characters, know i need u to get your aim name and what character u can do. Also begging 4 good drawers, and scripts

though of idea 4 flash


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2008-09-15 20:12:34

u want the left overs from my mario party flash. my aim name is shishizurui

they aren't really left oversj ust parts

jpara responds:

maybe, depends if they're good at crude humor (swearin a funny joke) or they can act like a nintendo character ( king dedede, lucario)


2008-09-16 04:29:20

So you want someone to animate it and write the script?

Why the hell would they credit you?

(Updated ) jpara responds:

no, i mean that we hired someone, hear there idea, and maybe go with the flow or build a bridge, if you know what i mean


2008-09-16 19:25:58

i post it today ^,,^

jpara responds:

oh really... good job(you got more than me) * _*


2008-09-17 00:57:06

thats a good idea...

jpara responds:

why, would you wanna sign -up,i can't agree if you will make it or not...


2008-09-18 11:14:21

u like smash kingdom look at my post

jpara responds:

Yay, by the way... what's your friend code