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2009-04-20 18:42:54 by jpara

Yo kids want a great idea to buy games from X-box360, Wii, and more join Prizerebel where you get free offers like $100 food money, or participate in a $500 gas money contest getting u points to get a game FREE. One offer can be 0.5 - 5.0 points and a game (like Gears of War 2 for X-box 360 ) is 36 points. Yay! And for ppl that can't stand to accumulte that many points there are cards for online games (Dragonfable,Nexon,IVMU,etc) and there point's value is 5-27 points. Y u still here reading this post go on this link p?r=1172626


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2009-04-20 19:07:35

You could have probably made your paragraph look a little better by adding more than 2 points of punctuation and spacing it out a little. You know, with the enter key.